Final Website

Final Website

Here is the completed version of the site.  Looks best if you have Helvetica installed.  Future updates will include a new web font for that. Enjoy


8 thoughts on “Final Website

  1. Your web site looks great. Its very professional looking and the colors, type, and overall layout all fits verywell together.

    I would like to see the very bottom pen graphic and text to be aligned to the left with the pens at the top.

    Very nice. good job

  2. This is a pretty neat design. I really like the theme and layout. It definitely flows well and looks very professional.

    The only thing that I would change/add, is to be able to enlarge the images in the portfolio section. Perhaps this is a feature soon to come?

  3. I like it pretty much! I like your clean and nice color and layout. Your icon is very funky but also functional. Very cool website. The only thing kind of bothers me is the length of your webpage, personally. I’m not the guy who likes kkep scrolling down a lot. Good Job!!!!

  4. Hey Doran,
    i’m pretty sure you will be building websites for a while to come. I love that you stayed true to your design. Thanks for taking my early color scheme idea. Your “about section” could use a touch of positioning mods.

    I think your website succeeds as a most successful commercial version.

    I know you tried to modify the blog… but it seems like too much visual information… Would be a great fix, if possible.


  5. I really like how this turned out. The main color scheme helps the other colors pop, but not too much. I particularly like how the portfolio page came out. It’s just nice and simple and straight to the point, and with a nice layout.

    As for anything I would change, I’d probably add in some extra colors in places, or maybe just one flat color for the background of the large bar at the top, just to give the eyes a bit more color to play with, or maybe even go back to the flat-style black and white logos from the previous design. Either way, it all turned out great in everything else.

  6. wow! again, nice work replicating your initial goal it was very successful. I especially love the icons I think that’s smart and your site and identity are pretty well branded here. for my personal taste I might enjoy a less standard gradient effect on the icons bc they don’t look as powerful as the rest, but they still are so cool!!!!

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