Home Page idea

Home Page idea


4 thoughts on “Home Page idea

  1. Very interesting theme. I definitely like the colors and the creative use the the pencil icon.

    I’m not sure that there is anything that I would change, as the design seems pretty solid.

  2. I like the overall design, the color scheme of the kind of muted pastel-ish colors. The layout is also nice, although I would probably like to see the newsletter portion moved to the main page somewhere, or maybe inside the blank space on the right to balance everything out. I don’t know if you plan to have that space occupied by something else, but it’s an idea.

  3. I really like your COLOR scheme! Nice gray-purple feeling! The layout is super clean and organized. The pencil idea is very smart, especially, the pencil shape of the side bar is working wonderfully! The only thing I wanna change is your fonts. They are simple, but not very creative, in particular, your header parts! I mean font can give a special effect over simplicity.

  4. I really like your changes since we last spoke. The color is much more calming and cohesive. I think the space with the icons could be smaller (skinnier?) with a bit less open space. The pops of color are a nice touch and it will be nice to see how you use those colors in the interactivity of the site. Like!

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